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A Purse For Mama…


…and it’s not a diaper bag! (I guess it could be… Perish the thought)

This was my last class at Stitch Lab! I am very pleased with how it went. It was an insane class (3 women made skirts, and another woman made a bag, but it was a different one.)

I am super pleased. I think it is the nicest item in my closet. (Oh, sad but true)

I will have to remedy that soon. In the meantime I am enjoying my bag.


The fabric is Michael Miller “Doodle Damask”, and it is lined with a fabric by Kaffe Fassett for Rowan fabrics. So nice!

I even lined up the ends on the strap. I am OCD like that.

Ahhh! Now I need some clothes to go with it.

More Sewing!


Not content to wait a whole week, I have spent Thursday night working on another project, the Lazy Days Skirt from Oliver + S. What an adorable skirt! It came together pretty quick, (once I remembered how to wind my bobbin correctly, ahem) and Fiona just loved it. (You can see the drawstring bag making a reappearance!)


The Fabric is from the Lisette line, purchased at JoAnns (as is the ribbon.) Fiona picked them both out herself.


On Saturday I was back in class, getting to work on my pillow! It was a breeze, once I got past the fact my zipper foot was not perfectly flush, and did not want to go around the zipper head like it should have (the foot has since been replaced, so I don’t have to fiddle with it in the future)


The front fabric is “dahlia” by Etsuko Furuya for Kokka. The back is Robert Kaufman’s “Dot to Dot” . They were both purchased at Stitch Lab, where I am taking the classes. I plan to make a second pillow once I have time (it is in the queue with many other projects. I am a crazy person)

It is so nice to be making meaningful things! How fun.

A Handmade Bag


So, after years of piddling about with a sewing machine, I decided to actually take a class and learn to do things “properly”. This is how it was with knitting. I needed someone to hold my hand and teach me how to cast on. I taught myself everything else from YouTube videos but I needed that real life interaction to grasp the beginning. The same seems to be true for sewing. After my first class (out of 3) I can tell you that by the end of the year I will be whipping up clothing without batting an eye.

Here is my first project: A simple bag

Fiona is massively in love with it. The print is just something they offered us as part of the class (it is lovely) and Fiona has claimed it as her “shopping bag”. I think it is holding up beautifully!

There will be more sewn objects soon!