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Easter Weekend











Sorry about the long absence (and the very picture heavy post) but I had an unusually busy week.

Easter was a simple affair in the morning, a quick egg hunt with our felted eggs and some simple toys. The evening was an impromptu get together with our neighbors who have a daughter nestled right between our girls in age.

This Easter I had to also practice a lot of self forgiveness. Easter dresses were incomplete. Marshmallows were never made. The sweaters were finished but had no buttons on them (it was too warm for them anyway) Needless to say I was feeling quite… inadequate. This is a reminder that we can only do what we can do. I can’t get discouraged because I failed an arbitrary deadline. And besides, the girls (and Lawrence and I) had a great time anyway.

All I can do is move forward, and when I do look back, single out the things that are worth remembering.









Another picture heavy post! Our weekend was lovely and lazy (I am paying for that now with all the last minute sewing and crafting I am doing!) Made a signifigant dent in the sweater, went to the park, and read our new favorite book. I did sneak a picture of our finished eggs. I was not so thrilled with how they turned out (the perfectionist that I am) but Fiona discovered them, and has been placing her wood eggs inside and “cracking her eggs shells.” So, if the kids love them, then I love them. I will be taking them back for an egg hunt, but they will remain a park of Fiona’s play kitchen.


Well, like many others at this time of year, I have resolved to eat better and to loose weight. However, instead of taking a drastic turn on Jan 1st, we actually started this gradual shift in August. We were (mostly) good during the holidays, but have resolved to be even better.

We are doing a whole foods, no processed/packaged foods, no refined sugar, organic, raw dairy thing…

Also, we temporarily gave up grains… yeah…

Actually, it is NOT so bad. We have been following some fabulous meal plans from The Nourished Kitchen, and there are quite a few fabulous recipes on her blog as well. Many of the meals have a low carb/grain free option, and that suits us just fine. Of course, once we are back on grains I do plan to go back and indulge… ahhhhhhh, bread!

Also, I have been trying to focus myself by making a rough blueprint for what meals will be on which days. What I have so far?

  • Sundays: Roast chicken (do it whole and make stock from the bones)
  • Wednesday: Soup/stew (get rid of the veggies to make room for the co-op box)

Ha! Guess I kinda have to work on that a little more :p

The Beginning!

Well, the Epiphany (January 6th, otherwise known as 3 kings day) has passed. We are now finally done with the holidays. Things should slowly be going “back to normal.”

With a clean house, a new meal “schedule” and (hopefully) some time set aside for crafting, this looks like it will be a good year.

Look forward to more babbling :D

Little by Little, Day after Day

I have been neglecting this blog as I have been neglecting housework, which has been neglected because my poor daughter’s schedule (such as it is) has been ravaged by late night teething. My desperate attempts to alter her schedule (shifting her schedule little by little, waking her up when I want her to wake) have proved ineffective. I am instead going to attempt a rhythm that works for me, and hopefully either hers will meet mine, or they will meet somewhere in the middle. This new rhythm includes “mommy time” to write in my blog. They may not be the informative essays (with citations!) that I anticipated writing, but like our daily routine, eventually it will turn into something closer to what I would like.

Last night, in celebration of my more relaxed attitude, we took a spontaneous late afternoon walk. Fiona and I watched the moon rise, the sun set, and listened to the wind in the trees as we waited for daddy to come home from band practice. I look forward to more relaxed moments amid chaos.