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Taking the Freezer Plunge


Okay you guys, I realize the above picture is not a really a beautiful, blog worthy picture… but I think this may have actually changed my life.

I have been looking at Once a Month Mom for a while now, because someone with my interests (ahem, mommy related) is bound to come across them a few times. I really liked the idea of freezer cooking, but I thought their menus were not a good fit for us. Even the “Whole Foods” would require extra tweaking…

This year they added a Paleo menu. WHAT!?

On February 27, I took a little baby step, and did the February Mini Menu which consisted of 10 meals. All of them slowcooker. I was hooked. HOOKED. I rode my high and did the full January Menu on March 3rd. It was amazing. The food is so delicious, the meals that are not slowcooker meals are simple to cook/reheat. All this and I don’t have to chop away for an hour everyday (we eat a lot of veggies)

I apologize for the lack of pictures (although last weeks This Moment was from my large session on the 3rd) but as you can imagine, we were insane. It was the first time I ever did anything that scale (it reminded me of Thanksgiving at my moms house, but I never did that alone) and while it was very enjoyable, it was also busy… and a bit messy. Maybe I can organize enough next time to snap pictures while I cook… maybe.

When will I do it again? My freezer is still rather full. Seriously. I think I have another 2 weeks before I need to do another one. I am eyeing the February Menu


Well, like many others at this time of year, I have resolved to eat better and to loose weight. However, instead of taking a drastic turn on Jan 1st, we actually started this gradual shift in August. We were (mostly) good during the holidays, but have resolved to be even better.

We are doing a whole foods, no processed/packaged foods, no refined sugar, organic, raw dairy thing…

Also, we temporarily gave up grains… yeah…

Actually, it is NOT so bad. We have been following some fabulous meal plans from The Nourished Kitchen, and there are quite a few fabulous recipes on her blog as well. Many of the meals have a low carb/grain free option, and that suits us just fine. Of course, once we are back on grains I do plan to go back and indulge… ahhhhhhh, bread!

Also, I have been trying to focus myself by making a rough blueprint for what meals will be on which days. What I have so far?

  • Sundays: Roast chicken (do it whole and make stock from the bones)
  • Wednesday: Soup/stew (get rid of the veggies to make room for the co-op box)

Ha! Guess I kinda have to work on that a little more :p