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NaNo(Blo)WriMo 2015

Yes, today is the 10th. Yes, I missed a 3rd of the month. I am aware. I’m doing it anyway.

Perfect has been the enemy of the good for a long time in my life. “Oh, I missed the start of NaNo(Blo)WriMo so I just won’t post at all” is something that I actually said last year. And that time I was only off a couple days. This time? I will write a post for every remaining day of November, about something. In fact, about anything… I am trying to get an idea for how I want to use this space, and the best way is to just write and see what I enjoy the most. Is this a blog to keep in touch with family? A collection of musings? A sewing blog? Do I dip my toes in the “lifestyle” category?


But this exercise will be about me trying different things based on what moves me that day, and deciding in December where to go from there. I mean, anything has to be an improvement over my complete lack of posts (sorry to the 10 people who read my blog!) and finding a voice/purpose in my shifting identity as a SAHM is one of the themes to my life right now, so it stands to reason that I would talk about it here.

So, see you tomorrow with a new post!

Welcome… Again

Heh, another name change.

I feel as though I finally have found a voice. That I have narrowed my focus, stopped trying to emulate other bloggers, and that I will write. And do. And write about what I do. And be me… And also actually update things.

Things have changed.

Since I last updated, we had another baby. We have dealt with recurrent medical issues (husband and I, our children are fine.) We suffered my husband working terrible hours for a job that made empty promises, unemployment (for longer then is comfortable with a new baby), and a sudden new opportunity. That new opportunity almost turned into another dead end when the company got bought out. Then they offered him a new position. With a pay raise.

In Austin.

Well, both my husband and I are South Florida natives. I had only ever lived in 1 county my whole life. My whole family is there, as well as a good deal of Lawrence’s. I am extremely close with my family and had a community of women that I adored.

We moved.

There is something about a shake up that makes you live in the now. All those days saying you will start tomorrow add up to years of yesterday’s. Having children puts many things into perspective. You realize that they grow quickly, a tangible marker of time. You tighten down your diet and your spending habits and you live for them. You can always buy new clothes when you lose weight. You can work out when they need you less. You can knit more when you have extra money. Soon, soon, soon.

Soon is now.

Am I settled in Austin yet? Almost two months in? No. That is a good thing. I was settled in Florida. Good habits, bad habits, and in some cases no habits. I am not settled here. I am making decisions and learning new things and enjoying myself.

We are thrilled.

Will I actually update this time? I think so. Not only am I actually doing more blog worthy things, but the distance from my family and friends will inspire me to update, I think. I hope. I am doing many things in the coming months. I am not settled. I will not settle.

Not a bit.


Welcome to WordPress!

I have moved from my old blog,, and am making myself all warm and snuggly here.

Why did I move? Well, Typepad is pricey, and I have a live in programmer who insisted I make the switch to WordPress. We spent less on this domain for 2 years then we were on Typepad each month.

Wow, I know…

So, why the new name? Well, sadly, Think about the box was TAKEN! *GASP*

Although, the new name is nice. It is like starting over. This time I am more stable, and able to, ya know, actually POST SOMETHING once in a while. (It is my New Years Resolution to make at least 3 posts a week… we will see.)

I have also fine tuned my topics. This will be mainly a craft blog, but I will also be touching on topics such as Whole Food cooking, Waldorf Parenting, Attachment Parenting, natural (or as my brother says, “hippy”) things such as herbs, baby wearing… basically whatever I want. I am basically going to blog about what I would be talking to you about if you were here (but shorter, and hopefully more interesting.)

So, we will see how this goes. Crafts, food and babies. Shouldn’t be too hard, I love all those things.

Hope to see you soon :D

Why “Think About the Box”?

Welcome to my very first post. First posts are hard, almost as hard as picking a name. With a first post, you wonder if you should do an intro, or perhaps just jump in. Maybe you are not even sure what the blog will be like exactly. With a name, however, you are defined. You could change it, maybe… sort of. However, for those who see the blog the name will set both a tone and expectations.

Why did I choose “Think About the Box”?

Well, I think that we spend too much time thinking outside of it. Sure it is “different”, or at least it was when they started doing it. However, I agree that the what is inside of it has received a lot of attention, since the direction was trying to move away. This blog will be about thinking of “the box” in a new way (or for the first time.) Maybe you are a crafter, looking for a new way to look at different materials. Maybe you are an eco warrior, looking for ways to manage your own carbon footprint, and sick of monitoring everyone else’s. Maybe you are a new (or expectant) mother, focusing on your changing self and you new little one.

The box is all those things. I want to think about them differently.

This week I will have a series of posts about new mommyhood, covering topics such as nursing, co sleeping and baby wearing. Next week I will focus on my different crafts and art forms I create/enjoy/attempt. These next two weeks will be like an introduction, and after that, I will chronicle my days, activities and adventures. I hope this blog will be not only educational, but inspirational. Now the blog is bare and simple, both in visuals and content. I hope that you will stay and grow with us.