…and we’re back!

So, I have been away for quite some time. 2 months! What a crazy time it has been.

Had a lovely birthday, then the hecticness started:

Some good deep cleaning (no complaints there!)
Late nights at work for Lawrence (boo!)
A few sleep studies for Lawrence
Food poisoning/die off/tummy bug (Fiona and I)

Shortly after that Fiona had some weird allergic reaction to fish (cod… She has eaten it since and no reaction)

Had a lovely Mother’s Day… And then!

Oh, the most evil, vile, horrible cold I ever had. It was terrible. I STILL have a bit of a cough. My chest, sinuses, ears, eyes (yes, I had pink eye… In both eyes) were all effected. Gross. My teeth and throat hurt, but it was just a nerve thing. Of course the kids got it, but they were only ill for about 2 days. Lawrence was sick a week. Me? 3 weeks before I had enough energy to do my normal stuff. Awful. I am taking all the probiotics so it never happens again. All the vitamin c! Echinacea grows in our yard so I am considering making a tincture (I have never done that before…) but I can’t do extended illness again. Nope.

After I recovered, there was a week recovering the house. Oh, it’s back to normal (and disinfected… Eww)

I have many super fun things to do though! We have to makeup for lost time lol.

See you tomorrow!



First, I have to let you know that I have done another Bulk cooking session. This one is actually from 4/2… and this photograph is missing a serving of soup. Plenty of food! This time we did March 2013 and it was our favorite yet. I think I have a system now, so next time I plan to give a more thorough review… maybe.

I am also taking part in the Project Simplify over at Simple Mom and, well… it is a start. I don’t have any before and after pics this time because I happened to clean out all of drawers just a few weeks ago, so while I played along the difference was minimal. I am, however, getting a head start on next weeks challenge.

Hopefully, next week should be a more exciting week!

Easter Weekend











Sorry about the long absence (and the very picture heavy post) but I had an unusually busy week.

Easter was a simple affair in the morning, a quick egg hunt with our felted eggs and some simple toys. The evening was an impromptu get together with our neighbors who have a daughter nestled right between our girls in age.

This Easter I had to also practice a lot of self forgiveness. Easter dresses were incomplete. Marshmallows were never made. The sweaters were finished but had no buttons on them (it was too warm for them anyway) Needless to say I was feeling quite… inadequate. This is a reminder that we can only do what we can do. I can’t get discouraged because I failed an arbitrary deadline. And besides, the girls (and Lawrence and I) had a great time anyway.

All I can do is move forward, and when I do look back, single out the things that are worth remembering.

WIP Wednesday


So, this sweater is finally starting to look like a sweater. I hope to have it done soon. It has been very enjoyable, but I may have promised that it be done by the weekend. While Cara is perhaps too young to hold me accountable for such things, Fiona is not. She is asking me every day if I am done!

Fiona has asked to read Alice and Wonderland, and I am quite enjoying myself. I have not read it since college. What a lovely book to revisit!

I am linking up in the Yarn Along at Small Things









Another picture heavy post! Our weekend was lovely and lazy (I am paying for that now with all the last minute sewing and crafting I am doing!) Made a signifigant dent in the sweater, went to the park, and read our new favorite book. I did sneak a picture of our finished eggs. I was not so thrilled with how they turned out (the perfectionist that I am) but Fiona discovered them, and has been placing her wood eggs inside and “cracking her eggs shells.” So, if the kids love them, then I love them. I will be taking them back for an egg hunt, but they will remain a park of Fiona’s play kitchen.

Wet Felted Easter Eggs










A craft! With the children! It was so nice out I thought we would do it outside.

Those of you who know me have probably noticed that I am not a fan of plastic (at least as far as children go anyway… or food… okay, I don’t like plastic) but, with seasonal egg hunts upon us, what are we to do? Make wool ones, of course! With some roving and eggs borrowed from the play kitchen. There is a tutorial here but… I just looked that up for your benefit. We totally improvised. I kept it going until they got bored (20 minutes or so?) then I put them in a stocking and washed them in the washer. They are still drying right now, but I plan to have pictures of the egg hunt up soon.

Cara informed me that dish soap is not delicious.

This post is linked up at Friday Nature Table.

WIP Wednesday


I am linking up in the Yarn Along at Small Things

Still knitting my Lila[c]loud for Cara. I hope to have it done this week. As for what I am reading? It started out as Fiona’s latest obsession, but it turns out I have been reading my favorite Winne The Pooh stories to myself on my own. (I am, of course, fighting the urge to reread Harry Potter for the *mumblemumble* time)

I am also working on something else… oooh, so excited!


Farmers Market… and a New Dress







The Farmers market! We do almost all of our shopping at markets, which is amazing to me! It really is amazing to build relationships with the people who actually grow your food, and it is the highlight of the weekend for both Fiona and myself. This is one of the locations, at Mueller Lake Park. The view is just amazing.

There is also a new dress! Finished just the day before (along with matching dolly dress) it is the Popover Sundress by Oliver + S. It was so very easy to do, but since I was nervous I actually followed the video over at Creativebug. I am really glad I did, everything was so clear. It was very much like having a personal class!

The fabric is by Michael Miller, simple quilting cottons and ric-rac. This will become a staple for the summer, I am sure.

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