Self Care and Self Forgiveness

If this post had a subtitle, it would be “in which I half ass my blog post for today”

So yesterday I was sick, and grumpy, and I spent too much time typing up silly posts about boy wizards. And my kids were crazy, and my house was a disaster, and my laptop didn’t recognize my memory card still (now fixed, thanks to my lovely husband.)

So last night I spent a lot of time feeling bad about laying around and typing. Feeling bad about loosing my cool (uh, don’t draw floor murals in the living room, m’kay.) Feeling extra bad about not cooking dinner and letting my house be a disaster.

Today? What did I do as soon as I felt like a human? I went to lunch with a friend (GASP!)

But you know, talking for an hour about hopes, dreams, and parenting gave me energy. I came home and snuggled my baby, I picked up Fiona and we had a movie night. I started the process of recovering my home (the mural scrubbing will wait till tomorrow.)

I am not perfect, and I am do not always handle things the right way, but punishing myself will not make me better. Sometimes fajita enchiladas and a dear friend are what I need in order to take a deep breath and face the giant mess that is my house, as well as these crazy girls who I love so very much.

See you tomorrow.

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