NaNo(Blo)WriMo 2015

Yes, today is the 10th. Yes, I missed a 3rd of the month. I am aware. I’m doing it anyway.

Perfect has been the enemy of the good for a long time in my life. “Oh, I missed the start of NaNo(Blo)WriMo so I just won’t post at all” is something that I actually said last year. And that time I was only off a couple days. This time? I will write a post for every remaining day of November, about something. In fact, about anything… I am trying to get an idea for how I want to use this space, and the best way is to just write and see what I enjoy the most. Is this a blog to keep in touch with family? A collection of musings? A sewing blog? Do I dip my toes in the “lifestyle” category?


But this exercise will be about me trying different things based on what moves me that day, and deciding in December where to go from there. I mean, anything has to be an improvement over my complete lack of posts (sorry to the 10 people who read my blog!) and finding a voice/purpose in my shifting identity as a SAHM is one of the themes to my life right now, so it stands to reason that I would talk about it here.

So, see you tomorrow with a new post!

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