Another picture heavy post! Our weekend was lovely and lazy (I am paying for that now with all the last minute sewing and crafting I am doing!) Made a signifigant dent in the sweater, went to the park, and read our new favorite book. I did sneak a picture of our finished eggs. I was not so thrilled with how they turned out (the perfectionist that I am) but Fiona discovered them, and has been placing her wood eggs inside and “cracking her eggs shells.” So, if the kids love them, then I love them. I will be taking them back for an egg hunt, but they will remain a park of Fiona’s play kitchen.

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  1. Donna Coffin
    March 31, 2013 at 9:43 am (918 days ago)

    What beautiful pictures of your family! You and Lawrence look very happy, content and stress free. Texas certainly agrees with you. WAW! I mean YAY! :-)

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