April 2015 archive

30 Before 30

So, I turned 29 on April 10th. Not gonna lie, I was a little freaked out about turning 30! I spent my 20′s alternating between having small children and being chronically ill. I decided I might feel better about leaving my 20′s if I made a list of goals. This way, I would feel like I had accomplished something.  I broke them into groups so I could see balance.


  • Visit Florida

  • Take a vacation (NOT Florida)

  • Go on a road trip

  • Make time for weekly dates

  • Weekend away from kids (with Lawrence)

  • Weekend away from kids (without Lawrence)

  • Entertain monthly

These are pretty basic, I think. The only one of these that might be problematic is going away for a weekend with Lawrence. I reserve the right the change it an overnight at the last minute, but I am aiming high right now! I have always wanted to entertain, but I have a lot of house shame that I am working through.

Personal Growth

  • Take a ballet workshop

  • Take a contortionist workshop

  • Take ariel workshop

  • Start cello lessons

  • Basic proficiency in Spanish

  • Basic proficiency in French

  • Do my Goodreads Project

This one looks insane! Okay, so for the 3 workshops, they are each only 6 weeks, so not a huge commitment. Also, fitness! So that is important. The cello shouldn’t be terrible, because I played the violin as a child. I already understand some Spanish, so I will be working on pronunciation, and as for the French, Lawrence is learning it, so we can be accountability buddies. The goodreads project is just me writing a review for every book I have read (rereading ones I don’t remember well enough)

Art and Creativity

  • Write 365 short stories

  • Finish my novel

  • Start my webcomic

  • Start multimedia project

  • Start soul project

  • Start youtube project

So I am writing a [very] short story daily, as well working on my novel (my goal is for a first draft to be completely finished. Unlikely I will ever do anything with it, but I want it done.) The next 3 are all projects that WILL see the light of day. The webcomic has been outlined, and I am working on character studies right now. The last one is a project I plan to work on with Lawrence.

Fashion and Blogging

  • Make 10 garment for each of my girls

  • Make 10 garments for myself this summer

  • Build autumn/winter capsule wardrobe

  • Build spring/summer capsule wardrobe

  • Learn hatmaking

  • Start makeover series

  • VLOG

This one is straight forward. Make garments! Build capsule wardrobes! Learn a skill (hats look so good on me.) I am thinking about vlogging because I feel more comfortable talking to a camera than I do in pictures. We shall see.


  • Celebrate the wheel of the year/esbats

  • Start a CUUPS

  • Write and perform my own ritual publicly

These are pretty direct as well. I consider myself a pantheist, but am drawn to the celebrations of the wheel of the year as a way to celebrate the seasons and the passing of time in general. Besides, what kid is going to complain about a holiday every 6 weeks!  I am working with my church to start a CUUPs group, and in doing so I will be more “out” than I ever have been before.

So here it is! I will be posting periodic updates about my progress, but I hope for this year to be my most exciting yet!

DailyLook Elite #1

So in my quest to build a dream wardrobe, one worthy of a woman no longer nursing tiny humans, I have tried DailyLook Elite. The idea is that you pay a styling fee of $20, and a stylist puts together a box for you based on your style profile you fill out. You get 6-8 items, and 7 days to try them all on. Just send back the ones you do not want. If you purchase anything, the $20 stylist fee is deducted from your purchase, if you buy nothing, you are only out the $20 stylist fee. When I signed up I received a 3 month trial, so I did not pay the $20 stylist fee.

So, before I get to the whole breakdown, here are some quick pros and cons when compared to Stitch Fix, a service I also use.


  • Seems to have a larger inventory, includes shoes!
  • You have a single stylist that automatically repeats, and you can email them directly.
  • More items in each box = more chances to fall in love with something.
  • Longer time period to try things on (7 days vs 3).


  • No discount if you purchase all of the items.
  • No visual style cards coming with your shipment
  • No return bag sent, you have to tape up the box it came in and tape the label on.
  • Items seems to be on the more expensive side when compared to stitch fix. (I have my settings set to pretty much whatever they want to send me, and I noticed my DailyLook items are more expensive than my Stitch Fix items where I have the same settings. I do not know if this is because thieir items are pricier, or this is simply the result of them having a larger inventory. Someone who has their settings set to very inexpensive would have to chime in. I am considering doing that as an experiment though.)

Okay, so it looks like I am reaching with the DailyLook cons… because I so far think that this is a superior service for my needs (I rarely, if ever, dress down) but, of course, you can’t tell after just one box.

So, for the items… I kept one item, the red patterned circle skirt (click the image above to be able to shop the items if you want.) This skirt is amazing! I have already worn it a few times (birthday happy hour, no less!) Super fun!

I really liked the full polka dot skirt and the sequined crop top, but I passed on them because I am focusing on brights for the summer. They were really awesome though, and I can tell that my stylist looked at my pin board.

The other clothing items all had fit issues. The striped shirt pulled at the bust enough that even sewing snaps in couldn’t save it. The cute blue summer dress was a bit short for my liking. As for that amazing dress and cape? Well, aside from the fact I have nowhere to wear such an amazing garment… it was WAY too short. Like, obscene. If I stood very very very still, it barely covered me in the front. No go in the back. At all. I mean, the cape covered it, but still! I joked it should have been a detachable circle skirt! The dress was not too small, it fit perfectly in the upper body. I guess this dress is not for the tall and curvy. One or the other!


The accessories were both nice, I just had absolutely nothing to go with them. At all. I am trying to create a very cohesive wardrobe, so sticking to things that either go with things I have, or go with things I plan to get/make.

If you want to try DailyLook, consider clicking on my link here, I will get a credit when you receive your first box.