January 2013 archive

What’s New?

So, I am sure you are wondering what is new with us? Today I will be indulging in a little family update… Starting with the tiniest first.

Nicknames: Squishy, Squishadoo, Squishadoodle, Caradoodle, Baby Cara, Goo(Lawrence only) Babes (Fiona only)
Age: 2 weeks shy of one year old
Favorite books: Extra Yarn and Big Brown Bear
Most recent milestones: Cruising, attempting to walk. Also “talking” (aka using vowel sounds in word like ways to communicate… Perhaps only the three of us know what she means but we do, quite plainly)
Interests: Food (OMG!) Being outside. Reading stories. Older children (especially a certain older sister.) Dogs. Electronics.
Dislikes: When I take electronics away. When the food does not come fast enough, giving other people privacy (especially a certain older sister.) Cats (does NOT like cats)

Nicknames: Pigget, Piggetina, Pigster, Finster, Miss Fiona, Gunda (Lawrence only) Fafa (Cara only)
Age: Three years. Not months. It is important you know this.
Favorite Books: Winne the Pooh, THe Very Hungary Catapillar, Extra Yarn
Most Recent Milestones: Has a better vocabulary then some adults I know. Uses meditative breathing to control her emotions. Better at yoga than I am. Imaginative play and story telling in full swing. INCREDIBLE memory for recitation.
Interests: Doing whatever mommy is doing. Reading. Teaching Cara new things. Buying books. Everything about the farmers market. All manner of animals and insects. Climbing. Pretty dresses. The Moon
Dislikes: underwear

Nicknames: Mommy (Fiona), Mama, Mala (Fiona) Mamala (Fiona)
Age: 26
Favorite Books: Just finished Good Omens for the third time (ahem) Am currently on book 2 of the Gemma Doyle Trilogy. Still obsessed with Harry Potter
Most Recent Milestones: Time management! Increased awareness of my gifts and limitations.
Interests: Knitting, Sewing, Woodworking, All manner of kitchen work. Outdoors. Handmade/local. Sustainability and the green movement.
Dislikes: Having to say no. When I’m forced to say no again. When I leave both my book and my knitting at home.

Nicknames: Daddy (Fiona) Dadada (not a typo) Mr Daddy (Me, because I am a dork)
Age: 29
Favorite Books: hasn’t read fiction since I read Good Omens to him while pregnant with Fiona [edit: read John Dies at the End when Fiona was a newborn] Wants to finally finish The Princess Bride (and excellent book)
Most Recent Milestones: Realizing he is not super young, and should not try to push himself into injury.
Interests: Sleep, spending time with his girls, being active, having quality food and other items.
Dislikes: Paying for quality food and other items.

And there you have it. It’s us!

Welcome… Again

Heh, another name change.

I feel as though I finally have found a voice. That I have narrowed my focus, stopped trying to emulate other bloggers, and that I will write. And do. And write about what I do. And be me… And also actually update things.

Things have changed.

Since I last updated, we had another baby. We have dealt with recurrent medical issues (husband and I, our children are fine.) We suffered my husband working terrible hours for a job that made empty promises, unemployment (for longer then is comfortable with a new baby), and a sudden new opportunity. That new opportunity almost turned into another dead end when the company got bought out. Then they offered him a new position. With a pay raise.

In Austin.

Well, both my husband and I are South Florida natives. I had only ever lived in 1 county my whole life. My whole family is there, as well as a good deal of Lawrence’s. I am extremely close with my family and had a community of women that I adored.

We moved.

There is something about a shake up that makes you live in the now. All those days saying you will start tomorrow add up to years of yesterday’s. Having children puts many things into perspective. You realize that they grow quickly, a tangible marker of time. You tighten down your diet and your spending habits and you live for them. You can always buy new clothes when you lose weight. You can work out when they need you less. You can knit more when you have extra money. Soon, soon, soon.

Soon is now.

Am I settled in Austin yet? Almost two months in? No. That is a good thing. I was settled in Florida. Good habits, bad habits, and in some cases no habits. I am not settled here. I am making decisions and learning new things and enjoying myself.

We are thrilled.

Will I actually update this time? I think so. Not only am I actually doing more blog worthy things, but the distance from my family and friends will inspire me to update, I think. I hope. I am doing many things in the coming months. I am not settled. I will not settle.

Not a bit.