April 2010 archive


Even though my birthday was a few weeks ago, I feel like I am celebrating all over again as I have been receiving special deliveries at my door all week!

On Tuesday I received 2 books I ordered (more in a later post…) and yesterday I received a LOVELY skein of yarn.

(Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in Wildflowers, taken with my new camera – which was my real birthday present!)

It is a 30% silk, 70% merino wool blend (merino wool is softer and less itchy than standard wool), which I plan to make into a hat for my (almost) 4 month old. I like the natural fibers; it is very soft and lightweight, oh, and delicious. I also really like the company. Check them out!

Since it came in a hank, I had to roll it into a ball. Even though I have never done it before, I like to do things properly, so I did a center pull ball using this tutorial.

Not bad for my first try… it is ball-like at least.


I plan to start knitting sometime today, so look for a hat update soon!

Little by Little, Day after Day

I have been neglecting this blog as I have been neglecting housework, which has been neglected because my poor daughter’s schedule (such as it is) has been ravaged by late night teething. My desperate attempts to alter her schedule (shifting her schedule little by little, waking her up when I want her to wake) have proved ineffective. I am instead going to attempt a rhythm that works for me, and hopefully either hers will meet mine, or they will meet somewhere in the middle. This new rhythm includes “mommy time” to write in my blog. They may not be the informative essays (with citations!) that I anticipated writing, but like our daily routine, eventually it will turn into something closer to what I would like.

Last night, in celebration of my more relaxed attitude, we took a spontaneous late afternoon walk. Fiona and I watched the moon rise, the sun set, and listened to the wind in the trees as we waited for daddy to come home from band practice. I look forward to more relaxed moments amid chaos.

Green Giveaway

I have to say, I love handmade toys. I love them to the point that my family thinks I am a little strange (I hate plastic toys, and batteries are for flashlights!) I just think that handmade toys have more heart and warmth. For those occasions where I cannot hand make a toy (lack of skills, tools or time) I like to BUY handmade. It makes me feel good to know I am supporting like minded families with eco-friendly toys. You can’t beat etsy, and I love the etsy group Natural Kids.

Well, in honor of Earth Day, there are tons of Natural Kids Giveaways! w00t!

First is from the Natural Kids Blog itself, where  they are giving away a knit ball, a onesie, an adorable knit snail and a certificate for a personalized heirloom spoon.


Next is from The Magic Onions where they are giving away a felted gnome, a set of scented handmade clay, a mini doll, and a felted snail.

At Progressive Pioneer they are giving away TWO dolls, more clay and a wool soaker!


Lastly,  Natural Suburbia is giving away a wood toy iron, a play silk, and a felted snail.

Those snails sure do get around, huh?


Hurry up and enter, they all end on the 22nd. Also check out all the Earth Day sales and promotions the Natural Kids Team is having here.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Bottle Free Day!

My precious daughter (who just turned 3 months) and I are celebrating 1 month of being bottle free (w00t!) We plan to do something destructive to our final tin of formula (which was opened, but never used.) It will involve fire or the ocean… I will keep you posted!