March 2010 archive

Why “Think About the Box”?

Welcome to my very first post. First posts are hard, almost as hard as picking a name. With a first post, you wonder if you should do an intro, or perhaps just jump in. Maybe you are not even sure what the blog will be like exactly. With a name, however, you are defined. You could change it, maybe… sort of. However, for those who see the blog the name will set both a tone and expectations.

Why did I choose “Think About the Box”?

Well, I think that we spend too much time thinking outside of it. Sure it is “different”, or at least it was when they started doing it. However, I agree that the what is inside of it has received a lot of attention, since the direction was trying to move away. This blog will be about thinking of “the box” in a new way (or for the first time.) Maybe you are a crafter, looking for a new way to look at different materials. Maybe you are an eco warrior, looking for ways to manage your own carbon footprint, and sick of monitoring everyone¬†else’s. Maybe you are a new (or expectant) mother, focusing on your changing self and you new little one.

The box is all those things. I want to think about them differently.

This week I will have a series of posts about new mommyhood, covering topics such as nursing, co sleeping and baby wearing. Next week I will focus on my different crafts and art forms I create/enjoy/attempt. These next two weeks will be like an introduction, and after that, I will chronicle my days, activities and adventures. I hope this blog will be not only educational, but inspirational. Now the blog is bare and simple, both in visuals and content. I hope that you will stay and grow with us.