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Halloween Costumes!


Anaabel from “Extra Yarn” and Lady Bug Girl. Excuse the muddy shoes, they could not help themselves.

Lawrence fixed the issue with the memory card, and as a result of all the drama we are sorting the images into files by month/year, so things are going to be so organized! I mean, sorry that the halloween pics are 2 weeks late but yay for getting organized.

So I really slacked this year, but this was because what the kids wanted was super easy! Cara wanted to be Ladybug Girl and I just didn’t see a reason to make these things from scratch. The leotard, tutu, and wings/headband set are all from Amazon. Fiona wanted to be Annabel from Extra Yarn. This is such an amazing book, but only 2 people knew what we were talking about! The costume was as easy and black/white/gray striped clothing and a sweater. I looked EVERYWHERE and I could not find yarn the looked anything like the yarn in this book, so I dyed some yarn from Knit Picks using Kool-aid and I am thrilled with how it came out! I based the pattern on the One Night Sweater but I cannot remember what I did exactly. I know I held the yarn double and used US 17 needles. I knit it with still damp yarn in the middle of the night before her halloween party at school on 10/30, because I am a responsible adult. It is a bit too short because I forgot how tall she was, and a lot too short because it shrunk when it dried all the way. I bought a little doggy for Fiona and made a sweater so she could have “Mars” like Annabel does in the book, and so of course Cara needed a little basset hound to be Bingo. The kids went to 2 parties on Friday, as well as trick or treating on Saturday. They had a great time, and ate way too much candy before the “Candy Fairy” swapped it out for a small treat.


My super fancy costume.

I was extra super lazy for myself, I went as Elizabeth from The Paperbag Princess. Surprisingly, a lot of people didn’t know who I was either! I used a giant leaf bag, a cut up sheet of glitter card stock, and a headband. This was a lot of fun, and fortunately it didn’t rain during the times I wore it (I did go costumeless to the school party, and went late to the Friday night party because the weather was so terrible!)


My little paperdolls!

I thought it would be fun to show off the costumes from the last 2 years (since I have been going through costumes anyway) and so last year they were paper dolls. Super easy, made out of poster board, these were a lot of fun to make (and wear, so I’m told.)


Little Faeries!

Last were these little hand made faeries! I made the tutus from the book Little Things To Sew. More info on the crowns here and the wings here and here. All of the patterns are from the book Woodland Knits which is SUPER ADORABLE!

Halloween is a favorite time of year for me, and honestly this was the first year where the kids really got into with their own costume ideas, and their own anticipation. I look forward to many more years of seeing their creativity and personalities bloom.

What have I been up to?


I totally made this in August 2014

So, obviously this is a pattern for me. I get into a posting groove just long enough have it look like a groove, and then I disappear for months at a time. There are 2 major reasons why I do this. The first is that I tend to avoid blogging in times of stress/anxiety/crisis because I don’t want to sound like I am complaining. The second is that when things are great but I am too busy to craft things I tend to avoid posting because I don’t want to sound like I am bragging. So I only tend to post when things are pretty even, with the exception of my posting earlier this year about myself.

The truth is that I was putting all my value on things I was doing/producing, and not a lot of value on who I am as a person. This is something that I have been working on in real life, but I am still working on in my online life. I rarely post pictures of myself or my family on social media, because I have very much taken all those “nobody cares” memes and articles to heart. It feels like in person, I can gauge interest in what I am saying, but online is much harder. This is especially hilarious as the only people who read my blog are people close enough to hear me talk about these things anyway, and my long distance family who would LOVE more content about my kids.


I did not make this at all, but I wanted to post a pic of each kid.

So what have I been up to since April? Well, Fiona got accepted to the school of our dreams, and I did a weird thing where I knew I would have extra free time so I committed to more than I usually do. Which would have turned out fine except a lot of those things came due to start before school did. We also had an issue where we had a huge water leak in the foundation of our house, and there was a tremendous bill, and we totally almost moved but they agreed to work something out with us… and then the ceiling in our garage collapsed. It looks like a roof leak in just the right spot soaked the insulation till it was too heavy and the ceiling gave way. It never dripped, we had no advance notice. This started a nightmare where Someone came to look at the ceiling, and said a roofer needed to come. The roofer said an insurance adjuster needed to come first, but this was in May during the flooding and so we had to wait. After the adjuster came a roofer came who said there was a stray branch in a tree next to our house that needs to be trimmed. After they came… silence.

Reader, we rent. While it is amazing we don’t have to pay $10,000+ on these repairs, I am so over the waiting and this legal dance. No, it is not fixed yet. Yes, I am on that, and allegedly someone is coming this week to start the process. Start it. I die.

I am going to save a kids update for another post dedicated just to them, but Fiona started school and I am aware of my now changing role as a mother. It looks like Cara will be starting in January, and while some of my time will be filled teaching regular craft classes at the school I will soon have so much free time! Once I scrub and reorganize my (empty!) house and fill the pantry and freezer with food, what next?

More crafting, of course. I have been slacking on making things for me because now that my health is stable I am loosing weight, but I basically have no clothes now. I am also wanting to pursue a long cherished project, a webcomic idea I have had for ages. I am also reading books and following blogs regarding UX design, which is a subject I feel passionate about as surprising as that sounds. Uuuuuuugh, ugly websites with confusing designs make me so crazy. I am being really casual in my learning right now, but once January rolls around I plan to actually set aside time each day for studying.


For my church raffle

So have I been crafting? Kinda? I made a pair of identical Tea Party Sundresses (Shown at the top.) The top is swiss dot lined in voile, and the skirt is an old lisette poplin from Joann’s. I have no pics of the inside, as my kids started wearing them right away, but the construction is identical to how I made them last time.

I also made an adorable Garden Party Dress (above) in September for our church raffle, and it was the first thing I sewed up in a looooooooong time. I used an old voile from Joann’s and some quilting cotton for the trim. French seamed everything. I am absolutely planning to make more, and will do a more indepth review when I get there.

As for the knitting? I have also been slacking there. To see what I am up to, you can always go to my Ravelry page. You need an account, but it is free. I am planning a post soon dedicated to knitting though, so if you don’t want to log in it will show up here eventually.

So why now? Why not? I am going to be 30 next year, and I don’t want to keep deferring everything indefinitely. I plan to do every day for the rest of November, and every weekday in December, and hopefully that will give me an idea of how I want to use this space. Partly I am hoping this will inspire me to make the time for crafting, but I also really crave connection in greater than 140 characters and vaguebooking. To know that I can share these things with friends and family (and the larger web?) and have that lead to deeper conversation instead of repeating the same basic story a million times feels freeing. It is nice to have a place to sort my feelings, to document my improvement in my craft, to play around. I am on day 2 and I am already glad I am doing this.

See you tomorrow.


Princess Pajamas


Hello everyone! Sorry I took a little time off… and by a little I mean a whole year. Ooops. I have been doing stuffs of great importance! Unfortunately most of it isn’t interesting at all. I have, however, been spending my summer being very productive. Lots of things have been made and even more are being planned. Kidlet clothes? Check. Mommy clothes? Check. Mommy underclothes? I may have said too much… oh, and cardigans for everyone!


But today I thought I would start with pajamas! Now, confession… I made Fiona’s last month. Also confession? I made Cara’s last August. I know. At least they still fit? 

So the pattern is Oliver + S Bedtime Story and don’t let my procrastination fool you… this was a dream to sew. All of the fabrics are from the “Once Upon a Time” line by Alexander Henry. Ooooh, so cute. Nothing much to report, the instructions are impeccable as always. The only thing I did different was to french seam everything (Fiona calls it a “fancy inside” and I quite agree. Cara just loves the dragons)


All right, so I plan to be back next week with more handmades and other such awesomeness… to earn your trust back I will include a super cute picture of the girls in their swim cover-ups (that I did not make)


Until next time…

Spring Dresses and Sweaters


Bad Blogger! Bad!

Okay, okay, so it took me a while to get back. I confess, as ridiculous as this sounds, that the blogging part is harder than the “do cool stuff to blog about” part. I know that sounds insane, but… truth.

Anyway, enough about the difficulties of blah blah blah, I know you want to see what I promised… that trifecta of knitting, sewing, and adorable children…


I always keep my promises… eventually.


Oooooh! The cuteness!

The pattern is Oliver + S Tea Party Sundress. This was a fun sew, and I think we will be seeing more of this pattern… oh yes.





Okay, that’s not a detail shot, but I love it…


And of course, the dresses don’t cramp their style.


Warning, sweater cuteness!


Okay okay, some flat shots for the garment nerds.



Of course, I took pics of the inside (side seams turned and stitched, front and back seams pinked) but, um, I remembered to take the inside pics after they were worn… so… just know it looked neat. I don’t remember off hand who designed the fabric, so if anyone wants to know, tell me and I’ll dig up the selvages.

The sweater info can be found here for Fiona, and here for Cara.


WIP Wednesday


So, this sweater is finally starting to look like a sweater. I hope to have it done soon. It has been very enjoyable, but I may have promised that it be done by the weekend. While Cara is perhaps too young to hold me accountable for such things, Fiona is not. She is asking me every day if I am done!

Fiona has asked to read Alice and Wonderland, and I am quite enjoying myself. I have not read it since college. What a lovely book to revisit!

I am linking up in the Yarn Along at Small Things

WIP Wednesday


I am linking up in the Yarn Along at Small Things

Still knitting my Lila[c]loud for Cara. I hope to have it done this week. As for what I am reading? It started out as Fiona’s latest obsession, but it turns out I have been reading my favorite Winne The Pooh stories to myself on my own. (I am, of course, fighting the urge to reread Harry Potter for the *mumblemumble* time)

I am also working on something else… oooh, so excited!


Farmers Market… and a New Dress







The Farmers market! We do almost all of our shopping at markets, which is amazing to me! It really is amazing to build relationships with the people who actually grow your food, and it is the highlight of the weekend for both Fiona and myself. This is one of the locations, at Mueller Lake Park. The view is just amazing.

There is also a new dress! Finished just the day before (along with matching dolly dress) it is the Popover Sundress by Oliver + S. It was so very easy to do, but since I was nervous I actually followed the video over at Creativebug. I am really glad I did, everything was so clear. It was very much like having a personal class!

The fabric is by Michael Miller, simple quilting cottons and ric-rac. This will become a staple for the summer, I am sure.

WIP Wednesday… and Tea Leaves!


A new project… and a new book! How exciting.

The sweater is Lila[c]loud and my ravelry page can be found here.

I am enjoying the pattern so far. Had a bit of frustration with the lace (all my own fault) but I am coming along nicely now.

The book is Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider. I have had this book for a few months, and I have leafed through it many times, but I am now going through the whole thing, using the checklists, trying to simplify. It is a very enjoyable read.


I also finally finished my Tiny Tea Leaves and Fiona just loves it. Technically I finished it last week, but I didn’t have time to post last week (read that as “didn’t have time to take cute pictures”) Fiona and I have picked out some adorable buttons on etsy, so I guess it isn’t finished until they arrive and I sew them on, but I count it as done.


Once again I am linking up in the Yarn Along at Small Things

WIP Wednesday

Camera Roll-247

So I am still working on my Tiny Tea Leaves and I have to get a move on, because I have not even started on Cara’s sweater and Spring is almost here! Oh my! I did set aside the sleeves, and have made significant progress on the body. It looks like a sweater now! This picture is a bit truer to color than the last one, but it is not quite so pink in real life. I will keep on with my quest for true color. I am linking up in the Yarn Along at Small Things

I am also still reading The Sweet Far Thing, and to be honest I am maybe 10 pages further in then I was last week. This is a very exciting update to be sure! As you can tel, my massive amounts of leisure time are allowing me to knit and read continuously…

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